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August 22, 2019

What is a webinar training course?   

A webinar is a live, interactive course.  It's simple to attend and extremely time and cost-efficient.

What equipment do I need?  

A computer with an internet connection.  Based on extensive experience, government firewalls will not hinder your access. 

How does it work?   

Prior to the session, you will receive simple login instructions.  On the day of the course, just click on the link provided.

Why did Blackstone introduce webinar training?  

Webinar course training offers you the convenience of professional development right from your desk or boardroom.  Training and travelling costs are significantly lower.  Webinars are hassle-free.  They allow you to manage your time more efficiently and effectively. 

I want to have several people join the course. Do I have to pay for each participant?

We provide a very cost-effective rate for groups.  Group rates apply to a maximum of eight participants (no minimum) but if your group is larger, further discounts apply.

Can I provide questions before and after the session?  

Absolutely. Our experts welcome questions beforehand and they are always pleased to answer follow-up questions after the course is completed.  

What happens the day of the webinar course?  

Five to ten minutes prior to the start of the session, just click on the link provided.

Will I need to download any software?  

No.  The entire presentation can be viewed without any downloads. 

Need more reasons to try Blackstone's webinar training?   

1.  Train as many people as you like --  Any number of people can join you or listen in …  your whole department. It’s up to you! 

2.  You don’t have to leave your office --  The entire training session is conducted from the convenience of your desk or meeting room.   

3.  No fancy technology required -- A computer is all you need.  

4.  No wasted time --  Our compact training sessions fit into the busiest of schedules and, in no time, you’re back on the job using the wealth of relevant information you gained.  In the event you miss the session for any reason, it will be recorded for you to view at your leisure.  

5.  Gain the insights and views of leading experts -- Our trainers are picked for their knowledge, experience and ability to deliver an enormous number of drilled-down skills in a short period of time.   

6.  You have nothing to lose --  We can show why Blackstone Teleseminars are the new way to learn. We promise you’ll be satisfied about the new learning experience, or your money back.