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July 15, 2024

Blackstone training is led by North America's best trainers -- specialists and experts in their fields.


Linda Kester is recognized throughout North America as a leading sales trainer and professional speaker.  Ms. Kester developed and produced several training CDs and authored a best-selling sales book.  Her work has been published in several business publications and her clients include Hewlett Packard, Verizon, CIT and Monster among other leading corporations.  In 1996, Ms. Kester founded the Institute for Personal Development to provide support and assistance to sales professionals.

Dr. Jeff Daum is an internationally-renowned expert in  the field of Human Resources.  His services have been sought in over 42 countries for an array of clients including EDS, JCPenney, Circuit City, Motorola, Bristol-Myers, UPS and General Motors.  Dr. Daum served on the faculties of New York University and West Florida University.  His work on effective interviewing techniques, identification and selection of leaders, motivation and training effectiveness has been published in numerous professional and lay journals.

Wendy Gillett is a well-known customer service specialist and a pioneer in the competitive and ever-changing customer service industry.  Ms. Gillett delivers speeches across North America on methods of creating a profitable customer experience.  As Founder of a professional business firm, Ms. Gillett developed a sophisticated system for evaluating and documenting levels of customer service.  Ms. Gillett mentors management and staff on how to successfully improve the customer experience.  

Paul Cherry has helped over 1,200 organizations in every major industry, ranging from family-owned small businesses to medium-sized and leading Fortune 500 companies.  Mr. Cherry''s experience in sales and leadership training spans over 20 years.  To date, 84% of clients report a 12.1% average ROI from his training programs due to his strong emphasis on reinforcement and accountability.  Mr. Cherry is also considered one of North America's foremost experts on sales questioning methods and techniques.

Wendy Weiss is widely recognized as a leading authority on lead generation, cold calling and new business development.  Ms. Weiss helps clients speed up sales cycles, reach more prospects and generate more sales revenue.  Known as The Queen of Cold Calling™, Ms. Weiss has been featured in the New York Times, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur Magazine, Selling Power, Sales & Marketing Management and other sales publications. She is author of Masters of Sales, Top Dog Sales Secrets and Cold Calling for Women.

Jeff Gee has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX Television.  His training programs are often described as the ' best-ever ' by such leading corporations as Motorola, Pepsi, Abbott Laboratories, McDonald's, GE Finance, Allstate, Siemens and Computer Associates. Mr. Gee is known throughout the industry for his lively and highly-informative training sessions.  A member of the National Speakers Association, Mr. Gee spent over 30 years helping organizations reach and sustain excellence.

Jim Kasper is a best-selling author and sales trainer.  His first book, Short Cycle Selling was #1 on the Wall Street West Business Bestseller list.  Described as "the most important book on sales in a long time", it was translated into numerous languages and was the number one seller on Amazon.com.   Mr. Kasper's clients include Bridgestone, John Deere, Corning, Chase Manhattan and Wells Fargo. In addition to over 25 years of sales experience, Mr. Kasper taught marketing and consumer behaviour.